San Diego Airport Bug

When an aircraft has pushed back and is in the alleyway from gates 27-36 AND an aircraft has landed and is holding at the end of runway 27 - the departing aircraft holds and the arriving aircraft also holds…and they both get hung up, stuck, and other aircrafts from these gates (27-36) including from gates 25 and 26 also can’t push back. See attached image.


And to get the game unstuck, you have to get out of the game and come back in.

Are you sure they were not waiting for any other plane to pass?
If you will see this issue again contact flyboys support on email

Positive. In the image - this is exactly as both planes sit - the departing plane is apparently waiting for the in-bound plane. However, the in-bound plane needs to go to a gate behind the plane in the alleyway…but the plane in the alleyway is waiting for the in-bound plane.

What is the flyboys support email? if i remember nice, but check it in issues topic

Yep faced similar issue quite many times at SAN. Kindly mail it to the devs with appropriate screenshot. Unfortunately, I don’t have any

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Thanks, I appreciate it. Another incident happened where the alleyway gets blocked and the plane won’t move because it’s holding for a plane that is either landing or trying to push back. I opened a support ticket with screenshots.

It is old bug.
Chat devs and they will repair bug or help you solve it

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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When syd comes we will have to be attentive to all the airports since after a big update new bugs appear.