SAN-IAD Connection Requests


Use this thread for SAN-IAD Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

User ID: UnknowableSlope22

Timezone: UTC +2

Can accept planes anytime between 06.00 and 20.00. Got a mixed fleet of all sizes and a few cargo planes

Looking for a connection between my SAN and your IAD
Username: Akamadd;
Timezone: UTC +1 (NO)

My Fleet at IAD is 11 S size; 45 M size; 20 L size

@seanlr86 I cancelled our connection because I’m busy rebuilding and building my fleet
Same with you @Sparejr just different route

My IAD to SD available
Lots of Planes
ID: reapershill
UTC -7
Available now!


I’m looking for connection from
my SAN to your IAD

My time zone is UTC+1 Paris, and I play from morning to evening, mostly between 7pm and 11pm

Username: bmonate

I’m waiting for request…

I added you.

Accepted :+1:t3:

Looking for connection to my IAD - around 60 aircrafts in the fleet. UTC +1. Just send a request.

Username: dömi

Looking for connections to my SAN


Normally play GMT 17.00 - 23.00

Looking for connections to my IAD. Username Howard64

Looking for connections to my IAD. Username zgzl

please accept my request

OK, why not :slight_smile:


I need an urgent connection at IAD from my san diego, Can anyone plz help me? All random connection are turning out to bad ones.

I can help. Just tried to send you a request, but got the reply that you are already connected with another player. If you still need a conncetion partner, feel free to request connection with me (MW6190).

Hi, thanks for the reply. As of now I am connected, but i will keep you as a backup.

Hi, i have sent u a connection request from my SAN to ur IAD- vsb2001 here. Plz accept it, connection is for long term . Fleet are on its way

My airport is IAD, I am searching for a connection.
My fleet is one S Tier, more are following.
My timezone is UTC+2.
Due to school, 2pm-6pm is best.
Player Name: