SAN-IAD Connection Requests


Use this thread for SAN-IAD Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

User ID: UnknowableSlope22

Timezone: UTC +2

Can accept planes anytime between 06.00 and 20.00. Got a mixed fleet of all sizes and a few cargo planes

Looking for a connection between my SAN and your IAD
Username: Akamadd;
Timezone: UTC +1 (NO)

My Fleet at IAD is 11 S size; 45 M size; 20 L size

@seanlr86 I cancelled our connection because I’m busy rebuilding and building my fleet
Same with you @Sparejr just different route

My IAD to SD available
Lots of Planes
ID: reapershill
UTC -7
Available now!