SAN maximizing handled pax per time

Good day y‘all, it’s really cool to discover this community next to the game, with lots of helpful insights and tips.

Currently I am trying to unlock every airport by playing, meaning by reaching the needed pax counts instead of buying them with GPs.
Normally, putting focus on X/L planes has helped a lot, but with only 4 X/L positions available in SAN, this does not seem to be as helpful as with previous airports.

Do you guys have any tips on how to maximize the „pax flow“ in general/especially at SAN in order to unlock MCT swiftly?

always happy landings

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Without spending any golden planes I reckon the best way for ‘beating’ SAN is to unlock enough M routes with E190 planes to fill your stands simultaneously. They’re the quickest M sized planes to handle though they won’t give you as much revenue.

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I’d say just get as many stands as you can, including the s only stands, and as many arrivals, it took me quite a while but it is the fastest that I found

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That’s interesting to hear! My thoughts were leaving out the S stands and trying to get as many B757 as possible to arrive, but with the little E190 turnaround time in mind, this could be the better way. I‘ll try that as well as adding the S stands

A319 not bad with fast handling, than B738M give 210 passengers with good time handling.

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Getting a380s is also a large one, and there is enough from iad, incheon, and bangkok


Also, focus on the low numbered stands say 1-24, those have the shortest landing and taxi times from the runway and thus you can speed up turns a bit.


Speeding up the L/X planes is useful as well! It’s also worth noting that the stands with jetbridges help the L planes more than X planes since X planes usually have their fuel service take longer than the entire rest of the handling.(even if it appears that the jetbridge stands shorten the time for the fuel truck service it doesn’t. It’s a bug. Jetbridges only speed up the bus services)


Hi, i m also in SAN but i don’t find it as a problem. Better to go for the specific airline like aviation daily or other high pay ones. Also buy your fleet n send it to others n receive other fleet, as is the case. Open up cargo terminal with medium, large n X slots, its bringing revenue steadily.

Maybe not X for cargo… Longer handling time for around the same revenue as an L cargo.

Yeah i do know that but extra wollars do help. I m at 14 level with 200k wollars 4 fleet n 700 silver planes. Where r u at?

If you are asking for my SAN…
14 Fleet, Level 27, 1.17 million wollars with all PAX gates unlocked.
Up to LEJ
(Not as impressive when compared to other users…)

Don’t worry, u r doing good. In other airports i would have been much behind. SAN is challenging.

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