Schedules for players

Recently, I have been playing a lot in multiple airports at the same time while having few connections with the other players at those airports. As the number of unlocked airports increases the spent time for the game increases too. And WOA become the hard burden with its monotonical gameplay and inconvenient interface. In in this game, I find myself frequently waiting instead of playing. Though, I might be the only one in the world, who want not only to play but also to earn money, pray WOA would become better, sleep and so on.
Here is my suggestion to improve the game. There should be a button in the main menu, where the player can specify planned service times for the airports. For example, I can service one airport during the lunch, but I can’t service three airports. When the player in connection sends an airplane to another player, the game will check whether airplane falls within airport’s service period planned by accepting player and 4 hours before this period. If it appears to be out of this time range, the game should warn the sending player and display how long he needs to wait to the nearest one. It might appear, that accepting player didn’t plan anything, and sending player needs to wait forever. So, together with warning there should also be cancel and send buttons to give sending player the choice. I think, this will make game much more convenient. We will not need to find conversations with other players or remember them, compute arrival times and compare those manually.

It seems you have a problem with the 4h timer. In the next update planes sent by connection partners will now wait until you handle them instead of returning after 4h

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I have a problem with communication. There is no in-game chat. My native language is not English. It is so terrible, that I made you think about timer. I believe, that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know all those languages which players are using. Do you know Korean, Japanese? And I have to resolve the issue just to find the player timetable which by itself does not require a language, it is just digits.

I agree with you. I wish Devs make solutions to communicate in game.

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Devs confirmed that there will be no such option for now.
Universal language for communication in game is english. Clue of the game is get in touch with another player. You have several option to choose from. You can do it here on Forum, on Discord channel or on Facebook groups.

Uh, if the connection partner is absent and can’t ply (on vacation or else) my plane will wait days/weeks/… until return???
Maybe 4 hours is too short but after a given time (at least two days) it should be accessible to be handled for other players and return after handling! Also it is always nice to see different player planes. I miss them!

Currently, there is no communication in game and it is off topic to decide which language is universal. The language problem should not stand between the players. I am suggesting different idea: we won’t need that much communication if any player in connection can access the opponent timetable/schedule specified in game. It’s something similar to google calendar.

airports Tue, 30.08 Wed, 31.08 Thu, 1.09 Fri, 2.09 Sat, 3.09 Sun, 4.09 Mon, 5.09
INN 12:20-12:35 n/a 12:20-12:35 12:20-12:35 8:45-9:00 8:45-9:00 12:20-12:35
BRI 17:30-18:00 17:30-18:00 17:30-18:00 17:30-18:00 9:00-9:30 9:00-9:30 17:30-18:00
PRG 18:30-19:00 18:30-19:00 18:30-19:00 18:30-19:00 9:30-10:00 9:30-10:00 18:30-19:00
IAD 19:30-20:00 19:30-20:00 19:30-20:00 19:30-20:00 10:00-10:30 10:00-10:30 19:30-20:00
NGO 7:00-7:30 7:00-7:30 7:00-7:30 7:00-7:30 10:30-11:00 10:30-11:00 7:00-7:30
SAN 20:00-20:30 20:00-20:30 20:00-20:30 20:00-20:30 11:00-11:30 11:00-11:30 20:00-20:30
MCT n/a n/a n/a n/a 14:00-18:00 14:00-18:00 20:30-21:00

Using the schedule the game will be able to compare send airplane arrival time to the schedule and warn if necessary. Isn’t it convenient?

One problem with the timetable is that most player don’t play at the same times consistently, only when time allows. For me, I sometimes play on the weekends (and some weekdays), but not all the time as I either have other commitments or school work. Same for others, except instead of school work, they have ‘work’ work.

Don’t tell me the time controls you, it’s you who should control your time. At least you are able to predict commitments and school work, that’s a great start. It is good to be able to forecast the nearest future. If the game will train you to do so, it will be the perfect result. Specifically for the game, it’s enough to predict one day ahead. Of course, the timetable should be editable. It is yours and it should look your way.
On the other hand, how do you play now? How many airports do you manage during a day? How do players in connection with you know when to send you an airplane? Do you communicate with them?

What I really, really like about this game is the ability to play when I want to play. I don’t need a friggin’ schedule or the burden of a specific time to play. I open the game when I feel to play.

If a game controls the time I play it’s the first to be uninstalled.


The purpose of in-game timetable is just to inform the players, which have connections with composer of timetable. It’s definitely not intended to make composer play in a different way. Of course, if you play randomly, the timetable makes no sense to you. But you are not the one who play this multiplayer game.

After update 4 hours waiting will be deleted. Plane will wait untill your partner will handle it.

Hello, thank you for the answer.
I think this should be reconsidered thoroughly.
It could totally spoil connecting:
If my connection partner stops playing, my planes would stay away for ever!
Will they at least come back when I cancel the connection?
If not, the only remaining possibility would be to sell the planes, with loosing much money.
Under these circumstances I would accept only reliable connection partners I already know, otherwise the risk of waiting, waiting, waiting for the return of my planes seems to high for me.
Thanxs, Stefan

Yes you can always cancel connection to make your plane return. But otherwise it will stay until your partner handels the plane

You will be able to cancel contract when your partner will stop playing.

Relieved, thanxs!

I’ve tried to find some players in forum and in discord with no success, maybe they’re using something different, like: Viber, telegram, Twitter, Skype, email. Could developers provide a place in game to specify the player contact info? So, that we can reach each other in easier way.

I invite you to Facebook group:

World of Airports Players

There you can easily find connection

Never seen a world of airports presence there, so I doubt it (also never heard of a few of them, and nobody uses email in this sense anymore)

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