Screenshot competition

Didn’t know their was a theme :sweat_smile: my bad :joy:

Hello! Here’s my picture of the japanese theme. It has taken in Washington (IAD) and have all my contracts with the japanese airlines plus my americans 787s:

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Konichiwa, Mr. Fuu


Next month can we please have a more “vague” theme because this monthh its kinda hard to participate since not everyone(including me) has nagoya or japanese contracts.

Is there a competition for december?

And we need last months winner

Tie breaker between

And @Plane_Enthusiast

Go. Ends in 24 hours

  • Jangle
  • Plane guy
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(participants, you aren’t allowed to vote.)

Plane guy :skull:

Sorry I’m tired and in much pain, your now plane guy

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Plane guy is wild :skull:

Our 1st place prize goes to @andridjuhri

And our tiebreaker has resulted in Plane guy :skull: has won second place

And 3rd being @Mr_Jangle

Please message @TomMordon with your usernames to receive rewards

And now for the next competition
The rules are known
Picture must follow the guidelines, votes are based on likes, etc. If you are unsure of the exact rules you may refer back to the previous competition announcement

And now for this month’s theme:

Merry Chrysler people
It’s winter, which means it’s cold, so, snow is begining to form at some airports (let’s hope it doesn’t at others, if it ever snows in Muscat we can safely assume the sun has exploded)
So, for this month, your challenge is to take a screenshot in the snow (bonus points if it’s a new 787 model)
Any airport that has snow


1st with 3 golden planes
2nd with 2 golden planes
And 3rd with 1 golden plane

Now good luck! Submissions close the 31st, voting ends 24hrs after that.

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Well that’s dead easy. Even though I took just 2 days before 2.1


When do you celebrate that?

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Without snow, then?

Boring …

I celebrate in the Oregon coast, it’s really nice actually


Oh it tough you misspelled ‘Merry Christmas’

No it was intentional reference to a vine/meme

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