Season 1 - INN Achievement

Does someone know what the Season 1 - INN achievement in the Leaderboards means?

What contributes to the score?

The ATR 72?

The ATR unlock is part of the “in game” achievement. This “seasonal” achievement can be found in the Google Play section.

This feature is coming in the next update. All I know is that it’s related to the levels system and the reward is a special livery or historic aircraft (from the feedback portal)

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But what contributes to the score. I am playing INN but do not see any indication that this Season score is updated.

We won’t know what contributes to the score until the new update comes out. This season score has not fully been implemented in the game.

I think I have found it. Your levelscore (the newly introduced one where you get money for each level reached) is the contributor.

This feature will come in next update, I think that what you saw was a test (they turned it on and off again).

What we know about it:

Levels and bonuses:
Posted on Jul 17

  1. Adding seasons
  2. After the end of the season, the levels start from the beginning
  3. By reaching the level, the player receives ingame money, a key to unlock destinations and a special plane landing (historical birds or some special liveries)

Destinations management - UPDATE:
Posted on Jul 17

  1. New destinations can be unlocked by keys :key: (earned by reaching new levels - Bonus progress, one level = :key:).
    S tier - :key:
    M tier - :key::key:
    L tier - :key::key::key:
    X tier - :key::key::key::key:
  2. The first arrival from the purchased destination will be selected at random
  3. The price of the destination will depend on the distance and the number of possible arrivals
  4. Departures will be partially limited by the maximum number but also by time
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