Season 3

OMG. Season 3 has a massive update on everything.

See the doors of the bus. They move.

3D airports! Nothing better than that in this game.
This is the best game I have ever played.


Aren’t they just under consideration, not planned for the next update?


These are only proposals to eventually put these features into the game. “The 3D world around airports” was teased back in May on the WoA social media channels, and it finally made its way onto the community feedback forum. Things like the 737 variants, MD 80, liveries, and other features will probably make their way into the game before the improved bus and 3D world are implemented into the game.


Yeah but they can get in development any time.

This is gonna come soon!!!

Yeah, I just saw that. Gonna be exiting.

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Yeah definetly have to add this when our airplanes get bankrupt in covid-19.


They (the devs) are adding new things almost everyday!!
Its gonna be exciting!!

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The thicconov will be added soon too.


It will be added in the next update. How exciting, but from which airport?

I am just tooooooo excited of the wingspan of the thicconov.

this is included in the next update!!!

The A319 as well.

When will it update?

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my!!!
Take off minigames, Landing animations!!!

Sorry can’t share link. Go to instagram and search ‘World of airports’.