Does anyone knows how long the new seasons will be? Is it just a week, two weeks, one month or till the next update?

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I was wondering that myself, I’d imagine between updates myself but it’s anybody’s guess :smile:

Most likely it would be between updates. Because exact date was not mentioned neither on Facebook nor game itself, so, probably it is connected only to update date. As it was with the first season.

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I think it will be monthly so September one will be shorter, people should not be so bounded to regularity of releases when it comes to Seasons.

Hmm seems like concept changed a little bit since last discussion about seasons. “Each major update will start new season. We plan to release “major” updates every 1-2 months”


Seasons ? have i missed something here ? what are these ?

It’s the new levels system, a season basically from the answer by Shill above. Runs from update to update, the goal is to finish the levels in that time.
Once the next update happens, levels will reset and you will get a different set of rewards.

Can there a community goal for seasons. and win something as community.
Its good for teamplay

Not sure if different set of rewards is an idea, maybe special planes will change. Airport levels greatly helps those who still complain its difficult to earn money in WoA :slight_smile: