Security issues with account

Or @jdrobajs?

I also have this issue today!

Is yours working now?

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Nope still not fixed :frowning:

Can the dev take a look and unlock my account.

I got this issue sorted yesterday afternoon. I think one of the fastest ways to get a response is messaging them on Facebook or Instagram. I DM’d the instagram account and got a pretty quick response :slight_smile:

I would agree with you @JoeDraper24. I did the same, messaged directly on Instagram and it was sorted quickly.

on that screen forum is not mentioned - that maybe is the reason its solved quicker on other communication ways :slight_smile:

If its in “connections” section it may be missed often. Its a technical issue (not bug either).

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Hi @shill I have the same problem with my account, it did happen afeter I instal the game on my IPad. I did play the game for the past few months on my iPhone with no problems at all.and this happens today. Can you help

When you are not on Facebook and/or Instagram, what emailadress should be used then? There isn’t one in the contactsection of the website. The only one I can find is at the Googple Play page:

Is that the one? Just preparing… :wink:

yep, do exactly what is asked and they will look into it. if you are not on FB or IG, use the email which is