Security issues with account

Unfortunately, I received attached picture saying that a security issue occurred with my account.

could anyone help please to unlock my account again? Thanks in advance!

@shill @jdrobajs

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You will just have to wait for one of the admins to come along.

Thanks! Will wait until one of the admins will see this and solves the problem. Take care

Hello! I have the same problem as you. Can anybody knows how to fixed?

Hello! Welcome to the forum! It has to be fixed remotely by a Admin. @Shill can you forward this to the people who can fix it?

@shill pleaseee can you help me with this??

Hello!!! Thanks! Done!

No problem! Feel free to ask for help anytime!

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@shill could you please help?!? My account is still blocked…

Hey! Thats odd. @Shill can you forward this?

@shill can you please check my account? It seems to be still blocked. What’s wrong with it?

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Odd. Me and @shill talked the other day over Discord, I have heard the Devs are working on something new (No Spoilers!! :wink: ) So they have probably been busy and unable to unlock it. The devs do this in free time,

But im not sure why it’s not unlocked.
@shill Sorry If I said something wrong. But Maybe you guys can try and unlocking it.

@shill My account is blocked can you held please

All sorted and back playing again. Thanks

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Glad to hear!

Dear admins, could anyone please give me a feedback what is wrong with my Account or even fix the issue?!? I am blocked since 16 days and received no feedback at all, whilst other users are unblocked within hours. So please, could anyone have a look at my account and please unblock it? @shill

Hello! I have the same problem as you

@jdrobajs could you help? :slight_smile:

Please can an admin sort this for me please? @shill

Thank you very much