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I am having issues logging in WoA. It’s saying there is an issue with my account and asking me to contact WoA Support. Can someone please help me?

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Hey, did you get any update on this? I’m getting the same thing on my game.

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Hi no response yet unfortunately- shame was enjoying the game but will delete if I don’t hear anything soon

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Did you really contacted the devs on Facebook or Instagram?

Otherwise try this emailadres:

Read the instructions on the screen whenever something goes wrong.
Contact WoA on Instagram (, Facebook ( or email to:

Contacting them through Instagram is the fastest way since they are most active there, if you don’t have Instagram, you can ask me or a friend to do so…

Just send them a message describing (in short) how and when it happened (like while playing at a airport or when launching the game etc) and send the screenshot. It would help Devs help you quickly.

It happened to my friend’s account too, don’t worry about anything if you haven’t done anything wrong :slight_smile: