Sell or cancel airport slot

I think it should be possible to sell or just cancel slot for airplanes. For example i decided i have too many S-slots and want to cancel some of them to reduce S-planes arrivals.


Agreed, that would be a nice option to have, especially once you get to PRG. You really need a lot of S stands early on to make any progress, but later on they just become an obstacle.

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We do consider to open function to sell plane stands / equipment etc but at the same time we have some developements on “passive income” for allowing plane(s) to park for certain time if stand has this upgrade.

So it may not be necessarily bad to have those S’es.

After yesterdays update it is actually not a problem to have even all stands occupied in PRG if one is fancy to experiment. Then unloading queue of 45 is a bit of a challange but doable.

Does the number of arrivals for each size actually depend on the numbers of slots you have?

Yes majority of stands have most of arrivals %-wise. Of you own only S-stands nothing else will arrive.

But it is also connected with arrival list so it can be ballanced from two ends.

in that case one could dramatically increase overall income by selling all S stands. If only M, L and X planes are arriving we will earn a lot more per plane. The main limitation is still the runway capacity (with regular playing (no arrivals speed up) I get to 6-9 planes queued for departure and 3-5 for landing. If all of these were M or bigger that would mean SO much more income.

I tried this strategy. I occupied all my S-stands and when planes was “done” i let them stay on stands - timer is disabled in that case. It works good until game restarts. Before restart no new S-planes arrive at all - that was what i wanted. But after restart, all my S-planes became red and start to leaving airport and i lost my reward bonus(9 planes, so it was about -20%).

Also it was a little mess on screen, when I had there 9 ready planes + all others which i was working on.

Timer is purely handling timer now (you can keep planes on stands as long as you like to regulate traffic).
If you have all S-stands occupied - no new S-planes will arrive till at least 1 S-stand is free (same for M/L/XL).

After restart plane goes with red timer - I can check if that was intentional for now i believe it makes sense to send those planes for departure not to loose money.

Yes it was a mess in my case when i’ve send over 40 planes for departure (that was just a stress test i would normalny never do that - no reason really). And be able to make this kind of mess is what some people wanted to have.

I mean this is not true when restarting game. I wanted to keep them on stand like “forever”, but after restart they automatically departed with red timer and i lost part of my reward.

One more comment - you have player owned plane(s) in handling - should that be possible to keep that plane forever at your airport ? Then other player will then have penalty for something is not his fault.

no, it were just general airplanes

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It happens again. I think it is bug, or is not? I attach screenshot.
I have parked 9 already done s-planes ready to departure, then i lost connection and airport restarts and they got red and start departing… my reward drops to 30 from 50.