Selling stands

Now I have an idea, I’m not sure if this is planned
But if it is I’d like to see it soon
What I’m saying is if you buy a stand size you don’t want, you have the option to sell it for 75 percent original price
I’d like to see this as I don’t like the s size planes trying to land at gates 21-23 at san, as I don’t like s size at gates since jet ways don’t connect to anything
What are yalls thoughts ?

I’d say we just need the option to limit the class allowed to stop at stands.

It would have my vote. It would help not to sell them but just inactivate.

Why not just disable small planes in the route menu? Once my airport is profitable enough, I disable ALL small flights.

Maybe someone likes S planes but just does not like them in some stands as horsepowergeek wrote in his original message.

Read the message please

I did. I don’t really agree with what you’re asking though. If you don’t want small planes at gates, don’t buy em, or reset your airport and only buy what you are going to use. It may take a little longer, but in that case at least you would keep 100% of the money spent. If it’s a default small, I don’t feel you should be able to sell them. That’s just my opinion though.

I can’t, the planes start with gates I don’t want
I still want them at the stands but the three gates you start with are stuck with small