Sending out planes, fill out form for planes

Form: Bruhchannels Plane request
Request sheet: Bruh Contract Sheet - Google Spreadsheets
My IGN is: Bruhchannels
if you want to send me planes sent it to my MCT.

Don’t make me do it lol

Do what?

Whos aguajet26? A380s and 748s dont go to lej jus gonna send 4 748Fs instead

Spam requests hehe
(Oh right my user is different here lol)

ik its u neon u can request lol

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I haven’t received any b747, what is your username?

Could you send me planes to LHR I am also active there my username is aguajet26

I havent sent bc i dont have it unlocked atm and it takes some time to get the planes

my ign is Bruhchannels

i have the 748F unlocked but theres a queue for them thats why