Separate Game Concept

wasn’t sure if this was the best spot or not, but I was unable to find a better one

I’ve played this game off and on through my travels and I had a sudden thought for the devs…

Sticking with the whole transit theme, here are some ideas for alternative games they could dabble in at some point, putting in as much care into those as they seem to have for WoA.

-Commercial truck stop: Not only would you have to handle logistics of the needs of commercial truck traffic and their various needs, but also having the other facet of in-house retail for consumers (or truckers), etc

-Rail station: Passenger and/or cargo stations

-Port hub: massive cargo ships/passenger ships, rail traffic, and trucking logistical nightmares

Truck stop: the devs are avgeeks not truck geeks
Rail station: ever heard of trainstation
Port: been suggested before, devs said no

I loved Trainstation, played it a lot and spent a fortune on it over the years, also was part of a community that helped other players. That said while it’s an excellent game, it’s not really WOA style. So there would be room for a WOA type version.
Port: the guys that made Trainstation also made Seaport.
The goal of these games is to collect all the different types of trains and ships, it’s not quite the same as WOA.
I completely agree devs are avgeeks and are totally focused on that and should remain so, but I could see a spot for something similar in train/port world. Train’s probably more than ports. Because the schedule aspect is so similar. You could focus on London Euston for example, build your network with limited platforms and destinations (real ones) and have your connections to other stations in time. Or better would be to use London Waterloo, so you have connections to Europe. M would be local, L would be long range domestic and X would be international (Paris, Brussels etc.)
I grant it would be very similar but certainly not the same.
Even TS2 isn’t like it either with a different concept.
What’s proposed is a combo of Trainstation and a simulator option to blend the gameplay with reality. I’d play that.

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Yeah…I played both Trainstation and Seaport…they’re okay, but not quite the same vibe you’d get from the same scenario like you would if they were done in the style of WoA.

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