Silver Airplane Questions

My B787 flew 465,526 / 488,000 NM.
It will be replaced by a silver plane in about 20,000 kilometers.
My question is, can I get a silver plane if I sell my B787 before sending repairs when it is over 488,000 NM after the last flight?
Or do I have to sell it before it reaches 488,000 NM to get a silver plane?

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You should sell it after the aircraft goes through the ‘Maintainance C’ check. If you sell it before then, I think you get no reward whatsoever, not even Wollars.

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Currently, I am in the ‘Maintenance D’ section. If I sell it now, I can get a silver plane. What I’m curious about is whether I can get a silver plane if I sell the aircraft before the ‘maintenance D’ inspection even if the final mileage exceeds the maximum of 488,000 NM. If that’s impossible, I wonder if I can get a silver plane only if I sell the aircraft when the final mileage is less than 488,000 NM.

As long as it doesn’t go through maintenance D, you should get the silver planes when selling it. If your ‘final flight’ makes the mileage go over the 488 000NM ‘limit’, you should still be able to sell it under maintenance C.
If someone could add a second opinion, it would be great…

You should be able to sell planes right before the D check for sliver planes, no matter the miles.

Likewise, I have to perform C check and sell planes after they return to my base in order to receive sliver planes.

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@Player8888065037 @Dreamliner Thank you for your kind explanation.

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I hope you have another plane to use for our connection lol.

I think so