Simple question: How many Golden Planes are needed to unlock ALL Planes?

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how many golden planes are needed to unlock ALL Planes in the game?

And how much of them do i get, if i use all premium opportunities?

I think, i did not read a similar question here.

Thanks a lot and i still be happy to be a part of WoA :slight_smile:



I can say somewhere in the 1500 golden plane range, maybe closer to 2000? I know the Concord would take almost 2 years to get enough gp for though so have fun

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You do not get unlocks from premium pass unfortunately

Ahh, ok, but in version 1 it has been possible to unlock new planes.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

All planes combined have a value of 1477gp

All planes and all liveries combined have a value of 5490gp


wdym ? why get premuime pass then

Any plane that doesnโ€™t have an airport tag is claimable at all airports, so the only real reason Is just to have said planes

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thanks for doing the math :slight_smile:

There is a set number of workers for each airport. If you would like to buy some more it costs you 45GPs for 5 workers (9GPs each). However, buying premium pass simply worth the GPs you have spend.

Take IAD for example, 110GPs for a premium pass, even if you igrone the worth of extra contracts, sliver planes, you still get 20 workers (5.5GPs each, significantly cheaper) at the end and that will help you more when you are doing sliver plane mining and it will also help to boost the process in this airport.


thats smart

It is so extremely disappointing that the developers have taken away this opportunity to get GP by selling old planes! The goal of getting the Concorde at some point is extremely distant and it was my motivation to keep playing this game. Whether I keep up this motivation for 2 more years is questionable, there is not really much else that motivates you to keep playing when you have leveled all the airports.

It has not been possible to sell planes for GP ever that I can remember

Before the big update, you could unlock planes for SP, and you could earn them by selling them after the C-check (?). This possibility was taken away.
Sorry, the other post must of course say SP

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thatโ€™s fair, but still itโ€™s faster to get GP now I think

Like faster in 2.0 to get conc then pre2

It was possible until Release 1.30.0

I made a killing in GPโ€™s just before release and am still swimming in them.

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