Simulator vs. Game

The original game had missions to complete, which was challenging. I was expecting that type of game, not a simulator. The simulator is great, but the only challenges are advancing to next airport. Do you plan on making a mission based game out of this simulator?

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AirportPRG was compeletely different game and in fact noone ever said WoA will be alike first game - it was offline single player mode game. It was good that we can agree on - but compeletely different cup of tea.

In WoA: “Story mode” was in plan but since crowfunding campaign was not succesful at all, plan has been adjusted accordingly (player own airports also initialy in scope we had to remove for the time being).

There are few ideas for future developements like weekly / monthly challanges ; achievements connected with high rate of <90% time allowance handling ; special plane arrivals if specific conditions are met etc. (details to be shared as those features will be knocking on the door being ready - to early yet)

Endgame concept is still there - having own modular airport with possibility to establish regular connections with other players online.

Game is in early stage of post launch developement. Gradually new content will be added that we are quite sure of.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about WoA. Your team did a great job. I wish I could have helped earlier when you had crowdfunding but other obligations prevented me, I have made 2 50 gold plane purchases to make up for it. Thank you.


I am not - maybe expectations were not managed properly so people gets not what they were hoping for. There is plan for future to have more quality content. Foundation is there already.

Donation is of course appriciated. It will help ball rolling as that way more resources can be taken out of commercial projects and moved to WoA.