Singe player connection achievement

I’m struggling with connections, (player to player via randoms, so that is ok at this point I guess because of people failing to handle (I’m guilty too :frowning: got to get that sleep),

But for single player, what am I doing wrong? I immediately handle and send away my received planes, still almost no points rewarded though at any of my airports.

Is the 4 hour respond rule applicable to single player aswell?

The connection streak is only for player to player connections. Other planes that arrive at your airport will nog give you the streak count. Mayby you can ask at this forum for an active player who wants to connect?

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Im willing too but I dont have a fleet. Fs in chat.

Ah yes, I understand. But was talking about the achievements tab ( x out of 100 handled airplanes ) etc. Those do not tick at all.

oh the Visit from achievement should tick.

The achievent indeed wont tick if you dont have an active player connection.
Say for example we are connected between BRI and PRG, when I send planes to PRG and you handle them, they count.
If you send planes from PRG to BRI and I handle them, they count.

However… if you for example send a plane from PRG to BRI, while connected to me, but I dont service your aircraft, but for example @UniqueHangman58 does, it wont count.

Basically you need to make sure that the planes handled, are the ones from the person you have connected with, in order for them to count to the achievement. This is why alot of active players are trying to find a buddy that can handle their aircraft and potentially send some back aswell

I’m looking for connections too for IAD. I play eastern time.