Single Player Connections - How?

Hi, I’m running the game on Android and have a question about connections. I see in the achievement lists “Airport Connection” and “Player Connection”. They appear to be the same achievement, but the wording is slightly different (see screenshots). One uses the phrase “Handle enough airplanes in single player connection between…” and the other is just “Handle enough airplanes in connection between…”.

How do I perform single player connections? I’ve attempted to send my fleet aircraft to the destination airport and then service it there when it arrives, but it never does. So I’m starting to think I’m misinterpreting the concept here. Is there a single-player and other-player connection? Or am I somehow misreading what “single player” means?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @fenster24

I will explain you in short what the difference is and what you can do best to get the achievements:
So you can connect with other players in game. The best way of doing this is through posting a message on Discord, Facebook group or on this forum. You will need active players for the connections, so you can find them there.

Once you have a connection from for example your INN to someones BRI. You can start sending your own planes to BRI. Your connection partner will receive them and if he handles them in time, the streak goes up by 1. (Both airport and player streak)

It also works the other way, if you handle his planes.

If the connection gets interupted and stops, you might need to connect to someone else. The single player connection streak resets but the airport streak will continue. This is the difference

Is it clear now?


Ahhh, I see. Yes, thank you. I was thinking “single player” in the sense of not online, but it means “single online player connection.”

Thank you for your help.

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Yes indeed it means a streak with one “single” player.

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Thank you for clearing that up!

I’m a new player and I was becoming increasingly frustrated I was getting credit by “playing by myself.”