Skylines Aviation Group

Welcome to Skylines Aviation Group. One of the largest Aviation Group on the Planet.

Skylines Aviation Group was founded in 1951 in Dublin at the time where Aviation technology is being pushed. By around 1974 Skylines has been growing quite quick and we had an airline that was continued from 1975 to 1992 than Skylines was privatised in 1993 but still has 34 aircraft than we slowly decline after 2001 but in 2008 a new CEO moved in and brought Skylines Aviation Group back and by 2011 we were government funded all across the world and became a truly aviation group and now is one of the most important aviation group to ever formed. In 2019 Skylines moved to WOA and by 2023 it was public to the WOA forums.

Currently we have 6 companies all across the world.

Skylines Airport Service:

Founded in 1982 Skylines Airport Service (shortened to Skylines Handling) has since been one of the largest Handling service to be founded. With 32 airport locations and about 34,000 employees Skylines Airport handling is expanding to other airport in the world and is expected to set up 78 service by 2030.

Eco Aviation:

One of the largest Leasing and Charter airline founded in 1994 Eco Aviation has over 100,000 employees and 1764 aircraft. Eco Aviation is working with airlines and most aircraft is been leased to other airlines to make extra profit. Charter service is available at the connection tab where when an Eco Aviation aircraft is for sale you can simplify request where to which WOA airport to go.

Skylines Security:

Founded in 2010 Skylines security is just a basic security service that is only available in UK and Irish airports.

Skylines Helicopters:

Founded in 2003 Skylines Helicopters is a Helicopter airline only Serving place around Europe and working with some airline to get people to remote places in Europe.

Skylines Maintenance and Parts:

Founded in 2017 Skylines Maintenance and Parts focus on Aircraft and Helicopter maintenance and operates 10 MRO in Europe 3, MRO in North America and 2 MRO in Asia. It also operates a Aircraft scrap yard in Mojave, Cotswold, Knock, St Athan Victorville and Tarbes.

And finally:
Skylines Drones Services:

Founded in 2018 Skylines Drones Services over customs and companys to buy drone and give technical support for drones in case of malfunction

Applications to Skylines Aviation Group is currently not available, we only accepted fictional companies and must have a logo included and may be merged into a similar company.

Updates will be released at any time of the day.

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Cool story. Are these the names of the members or somethin? Sorry cant keep up☠️

The companys are not the members they are just the subsidiaries I make

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Eco Aviation will be basing 2 more aircraft at Prague
Meet EU-HJ64KG (A319) and EI-CEM (A320) they will be joining our WOA fleet soon.

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I’m interested to get a part of an alliance, what must be done?

This is currently a private alliance group and it said on top that ‘‘Applications to Skylines Aviation Group is currently not available’’ if I change my mind I might make applications available but for now it is currently not available

interested to join

It’s private so no