Small & Mid size planes


First of all, I really enjoy playing world of airports. However, one thing is frustrating me for all long time. Being aware that most of the payable airports focus mainly on small and midsize airplanes (i.e. Prague or San Diego). Although, the time that small and medium size planes are in the gate is really short in comparison to taxi and landing time. As a consequence you’ll get very long queues at the runway and nearly no planes at the gate, which does absolutely not match reality. So, it would be nice to have the turnover time of every plane (in particular small & midsizes) a bit extended (for small and medium planes nearly double in time). What are you thoughts on this?


Well, they make airports same to the real life airports. So real life=game.

i’d rather like to see faster movement on the runways. The speed on the taxiway is fine but they’re starting and braking really slow, also the waiting time before an aircraft enters the runway is really slow. If there would be more speed there would be more action at the gates

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A line up and wait system needs to be added, once the arrival has passed the threshold, the departure can line up and wait. Departing once the arrival has cleared the runway. Much more efficient and airports like PRG, IAD & NGO wouldn’t have the huge lines for departure and arrival.

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Being thought about I believe :slight_smile:

and already got my vote :grinning: