SO much traveled distance after maintenance?

I don’t know why does planes fly so much distance after coming from maintenance distance.
See the photos the 2 E190’s went to maintenance and then 1 flight but why would it travel almost 50 K NM after maintenance?

The Dash Q400 also was sent to maintenance and 37 K NM crossed.

It’s because the calculation is cumulative not individual.
So A goes from 0 to 44,700
B technically goes from 44,701 to 111,750. But the miles flown is the total.

Basically what it is saying is that your plane has travelled a total of 55,000 miles, 44,700 up to maintenance A and the remaining 11,000 as part of maintenance B, it just shows you the combined situation in the display.

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So the distance traveled before maintenance A is added to maintenance B. Okay I understood.