Some ideas of a WOA follower

First of all, I would like to thank all those involved in creation of this game! The game is amazing! Really enjoyed playing the same! But I would like to put my two cents to give my overall opinion on WOA.

  1. Being the service operator of one of the largest European airports, at once I noticed lack of A321 and B767. This lack offends the eye and make the overall picture strange and incomplete, cause these aircrafts are widely spread.

  2. If there is B737MAX, then why no A320Neo?

  3. If there is A319, then why no B737-700?

  4. Octagon shape of B777, B787 and A350 engines make them look ridiculous and spoils realism, unfortunately. If A380 has no such problem, then why the abovementioned ones should have?

  5. As to Prague airport, which I decided to use up to the end of 31 level and which has only one runway, the L & X parking/aprons are used inefficiently. L & X aircrafts fall in the common queue with S & M aircrafts, that makes them wait for landing too long. In this case, L & X parking/aprons stay empty for a long time. I think, once L & X aircrafts take off, the next one should appear for landing at once and in the first places of the queue.

  6. The way to open new slots/aircrafts is too long and expensive, that makes it boring. This is related to point 5 as well, when the cost effective L & X aircrafts are used inefficiently.

  7. Do not understand why Russian/Belarussian airports/aircrafts were switched off. OK, I understand that was done due to sanctions. This issue spoils the overall impression as well, cause these aircrafts are widely spread. Should we follow the stupid politicians, who separate the people around the world and make us suffer and feel unhappy? I believe the game should unite the people irrespective of everything. Some time ago we serviced to many Aeroflot, Rossiya, S7 etc airlines. Non-having the same in the game makes the game look one-sided. Il76 for example is still our frequent guest.

  8. I noticed many requests at your site regarding some aircrafts. Some of them were made more than two years ago, but those aircrafts are still to appear. I did not understand the reason of the still open issues, for example for lack of A321 and B767, which are first to appear to make the overall picture more realistic.

  9. I noticed that B777, B787 and A350 all are of one type. However, we have B777-200, B777-300, B878-8, B787-9, B787-10, A350-900 and A3500-1000. As to B777F, its length is of B777-200, not B777-300.

  10. When starting a new airport, we receive only 10000 wallars and have to begin from the very beginning again. I believe this is too long and boring.

All above points have been given not to offend the creators of this fantastic game, but to share the overall impression of the airport service operator and to share the ideas how to improve the same and make its followers feel more happy when playing and enjoying it!

The short answer is that the dev team is a small group. They also respond to user requests but with the many players they are “over asked”.

With this in mind they still do a helluva lot of work to keep this game interesting and playable.


Oh, I see! Thank you for your reply. I did not know they are just a small group, but thought they are a cinsiderable corp. Hope some day they will increase their team and improve this amazing game. Anyway, many thanks to them for their huge efforts!

Answers below.

  1. (This has been a known issue for a long time, but the devs have prioritized revamping the existing aircraft before adding these types. They will absolutely come in time)

  2. (There is the A319neo)

  3. (There’s the 738 and the 738max, they will build the other derivatives in time)

  4. (They are going through and updating theme The 777 will be updated in the next update. These have been left towards the end because they have the most liveries in the game and have to be redone from scratch, each one has to be recreated individually. The original software and dev team could only do so much, this was a hobby game, not one designed and built by someone like Epic or Sony)

  5. (Landing patterns are designed to mirror somewhat real life with certain gameplay flexibility, the devs work closely with the actual real life PRG Management team on that particular airport and a lot of what they say goes. For example, they had to rebuild parts of the airport when PRG saw those were missing (fuel station), so this is very unlikely to change for that reason. There was a plan for prioirity arrivals which if implemented might get you some of the way there, but that’s why)

  6. (Pet peeve of mine, the fixation of L and X, sure they are fun, but this game is about running airports as close to real life as a reasonable game play will allow, sure you can focus on L and X if you want, but don’t then turn around and complain about it). (That said, the slot system is likely to change in the next update for a contracts system which we are all waiting to see how it works)

  7. Dev game, devs rules. Like it or not decision should be respected. It is what it is. Should Russia pull out of Ukraine, aircraft will return

  8. (This is purely a time and road map thing. Small staff, they can only do so much and they have the their roadmap already written out at their home base, and no neither I nor they will share it. They will get there, just takes a lot of time to build new aircraft and airports as mentioned earlier with Also building new features into the game)

  9. (These are being brought in as the aircraft are receiving their updates. If you go to the feedback page World of Airports - Feedback, the first page will give you about 70% of what they are actually working on. But trust me, it’s never all of it, always a surprise comes.)

  10. (This game is free, if you want to play it for free, you start with 10000 and grind it out, but to develop, devs need real hard money, want to speed it up, buy gold planes and convert to W. It’s how most games of this type are designed, oh and one thing. No ads. Not one, game is run on money earned from gold plane purchases, devs don’t and have never wanted ads. This isn’t going to change and for this reason alone rightly so.)


I appreciate WoA for adding interesting features, aircraft, etc. that wow players every time.
We never complain no matter how long it takes.

  1. Both are coming, the a321 likely with the revamp of the a320 and the 767 likely soon I have a feeling
  2. A320 revamp
  3. Coming at some point, who knows when
  4. They will redo those (b777 this upcoming update actually) eventually
  5. This is a matter of queuing and when they are accepted to land, similar issues are found especially if you own a large fleet at any airport, it will seem hard to get any generic arrivals
  6. Will change in the new update
  7. Will come back when the war ends (in ages) I also don’t believe any Belarusian airlines were even in the game
  8. This is a matter of what they choose to do
  9. Old model issues, will change when the model get updated (again, 777 next update)
  10. Yes we will, highly doubt they will ever change it
  1. You can disable any arrivals you want. If you want fewer S and M arrivals, just turn some off!

That’s in game?