Some improvements for the game

Good day brothers and friends

I am your friend Fahad from kuwait

Firstly thanks and regards for who make this greatest game in the world for your wonderful and invaluable efforts to all of us

Secondary I would like the quality of play to be improved, such as the game graphics, engine sound, tire movement, some aircraft shapes, flap movement, and aircraft lighting, or for it to be more realistic, for us to be allowed to write special names in our air fleet, and for the multiplayer environment to be smoother.

Thirdly We know now that all mobile devices are equipped with high-tech screens, so we want the game to be much more beautiful and always be the best. I hope those in charge of it pay attention to these details so that we can enjoy more and more. Thank you very much and sorry for the long talk.

Kinds regards
By my love fahad :heart:


And sent it to
Love The Suggestion BTW


Thought I’d give a little feedback here

This feels fine to me if you put it to max, but the fast graphics are for lower end devices

I can agree with this, it is basically just a constant noise with an occasional shut down sound

If you mean tyres moving, then I don’t think that will come soon. If you mean gear up/down, that is planned

I guess the A320 and A350 are the ones in question here. These are old models and are due to be remodelled

This already exists, albeit in a basic form

Not sure what you mean here. I think all lights are on the plane, perhaps you mean the ones inside?

Difficult, as even with a very good device (IPad 9th gen) I have to play LHR on fast graphics, so I would hate to think what those on poorer devices have to experience

The devs did say in an email that in 2.2.3, there would be “more customisation options” so perhaps that might be it, or something else like logos.

I personally think it is already smooth, perhaps a few tweaks, but perhaps you could expand on what you mean by that?

Yes, but no. The screens are good, but the processors are still not fully equipped for that in such a high performance game like this

I think these improvements are good ideas, and you can also disregard what I have said (this is just my opinion on it), but the devs have to make this game playable for everyone on all devices, which is why the game isn’t being made “more beautiful “


Please also remember this is not Epic or Activision or Microsoft. These guys do not have a huge budget to work with and what we have now and planned is way beyond what we started with, with V1.
I know people always want better. It’s a natural course of things. But it’s a small team and they can only do so much. They are working through things as quickly as they can and they have (like any game project) have a road map to get there.
Most of these items are planned or contemplated. Just need to give them the time to get there.


We are with you and we also support you and we wish you success. We also consider you working hands with you and supporting you for the success of this great game. You have all the best and respect, my brothers.

Well they can work on merchandise to increase the Devs money as well as WOA fans supporting by wearing the merch

I get it, but it’s a little difficult with a worldwide game. Comes with a lot of cost to manage the shipping etc or someone to manage it for you

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They could do print on demand, everything would be handled for them for a portion of the sale price (15-20% depending on the service).

But that would depend if they’re actually willing to invest the time creating artwork for that sort of thing. Personally, I don’t see it being a high priority for them.

POD is pricy. But I agree, the time investment might not be a priority at the moment