Some planes that I would like to see get a rework

I would like to see the 737 max family make an appearance like the Max 9 also I would like the Max 8 and -800 Ng get a rework in the future as well as a new jumbo cargo plane like the 747 dream lifter since we already have the beluga for Airbus. Also can the E170,E175,and R190 get a rework in the future and I would like to see the four season A321neo

All of them will

I’ve also noticed that on all the aircraft none of the wheels move and the plane could use a polish on the fuselage because they look blurey

All the existing planes not to have a rework yet, will have one during the coming months. They need to do that to set them up for future upgrades.

The A321 is already in an advanced stage of completion and will release along with the whole family in a month or two. Ejets are not the top priority, and I imagine the 737 family is still a ways off. That said, they will come, just perhaps not in the immediate future.