Some small suggestions after getting well into PRG

Somewhat past PRG level 10, have noticed a few things:

  • You should probably rename Alitalia (!)
  • You really want users to spend real money, and a big part of that is airplane shopping. But while I’m browsing planes I’m falling behind on servicing. That makes me want to rush back. But it would be better for you if I lingered and decided to buy more stuff. How about if the service clock stopped when on the fleet tab?
  • There is no visual indication whether a stand is for passengers or freight. Yes, you can filter from the facilities tab but that doesn’t help if the stand is attached to an extension that has not yet been constructed. For instance, when expanding PRG I couldn’t answer the question “If I build this extension do I get freight stands?”
  • When you leave the game, or maybe even just go to the main menu, and then return the planes you are servicing are pretty much in the same state as when you left. But any planes that had landed and were in a taxiing state appear to now be back in the air and have to land again. That’s annoying, but it also throws off the servicing cycle because it creates a time gap.
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ITA is already in game, alitalia will likely stay as a legacy airline arrival and for when Kai tak eventually comes out (as devs have said that will come at some point I beleive)

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Yes, that’s the main purpose of any company.

Tbh, if you already know what plane you want to buy, it’s easy to filter for the specific type of plane. If you don’t know, take a look inside the hangar before you start PRG.

During the build mode you can switch what stand you want to build.
Passenger stand

or cargo stand

Why don’t you just buy planes during that gap?

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Goodness, love all these prompt responses! @horsepowergeek, I’ll be watching for those Pan Am flights.
@SomeGuy98345, you missed the point(s). Yes, there is a way to shop without missing my service goals. But reducing the barriers to shopping should increase app income.
And yes, I can see what stand type I’m building at stand-building time. But if I haven’t built the extension yet I can’t tell what stand types can be attached to it. Here’s the use case: There are two unbuilt extensions, and I want to pick the one that will let me add freight stands. Which do I choose?

I’m pretty sure the devs have thought this out.
When you click on an unbuilt extension, it says what kind of terminal it is (Eg. T2, or CT) The C indicates a cargo terminal. I don’t think cargo operations occur at a solely numbered terminal…
If you wouldn’t mind, can you share an example of a situation where it may be confusing?

I can tell your sarcastic. What i am saying is that the name is the livery name, not the operating airline, but I worded it wrong originally. However, the liveries are staying (I assume) because of legacy airlines being a level reward.

There’s an easy solution to this problem. Just click the locked terminal. Now it should show the stands it unlocks. Click on any of those stands and it will say whether it’s a cargo or pax stand.

Indeed! Sorry I missed that feature. I was trying to figure it out just from the depiction of the stand on the screen. Cheers.

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Not sarcastic, just teasing. I’m in the software business, I understand the constraints and I appreciate your detailed explanation. I’m also old enough to have flown Pan Am :wink:. Cheers.