Some suggestions for me

Should I save money on my own airplane in Bari airport?

Yes eventually. But first max out BRI. Like all stands, most vehicles, and all upgrades to the vehicles. Only then start saving for planes. I suggest the BAe146 as a great first plane to learn connections. Also i think its the best S plane. You get most value out of the money you pay for it


thank you)

To be honest: I would say no…

Make sure to handle enough planes to unlock Prague and then continue directly to Prague. In Prague you will earn money much faster because of the XL planes. Try to buy some planes there, but as soon as you handled enough planes continue to IAD. Once you have a few L/XL planes there you can easily build up fleets on the other airports.

And when you start at any airport don’t unlock all the S stands. Two or three are enough for the beginning. Focus on the bigger stands and the handling level.
And don’t forget to unlock the cargo stands, these are making good money with less work.

After you have earned enough in PRG and/or IAD you can go back to BRI and build up a fleet there as well with some more goldies in your pocket :wink:

At least that is the way I did it, even though the reward structure was different a few weeks ago. All in all it takes a lot of time!

Have fun!


The steps I took (before the new economy system) is that I went as soon as possible to IAD. There I maxed out everything and started saving for my own planes.
Once I got two A380 (lucky strike that on the day that I wanted to by my first, they where half price, so I got two), my income got big fast.
With that income I am now financing BRI (by buying and selling planes for gold planes and using those gold planes in BRI for money).

I guess everybody has his/hers own system :wink:

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That was lucky! I remember on that day I sold my whole fleet in Prague and bought 9 A380 in IAD. That was a day… :smiley:

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I am on half way to unlock Prague

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Jeeeez thats quite lucky. Any idea if something similar will happen again? What was the original reason for the discount?

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I don’t know if it will happen again.
I believe it was for the 15 year celebration after the first test flight of the A380