Sooo disappointed

When the dreaded update with the silver airplanes came, I was immediately mollified by the 30% plane sale until 31.12 and started to play every single minute to gather enough planes for the 380, and almost succeeded. Unfortunately, when I wanted to buy it, 31.12 at 12.29 the 30% discount was gone! Reading 31.12 12 o’clock I presumed it would be midnight, obviously, for a discount lasting a week or so I think everybody would have thought so (even UTC instead of CET would have saved me). But no, the deadline was midday and the last 100 silver airplanes gathered after 12 o’clock were for the bin and my dreams shattered…

So disappointed

It’s wasn’t last time. I think it’ll be more regular in future.
And, in my opinion, silver planes was bring in game like part of such different events.

I see why they brought silver airplanes in, but the discount doesn’t make sense. Being new to the game, I saved for a b757 unlock in BRI but found d that the deal had ended at lunchtime, so I know how you feel

Seems the discount was entered to force people convert their Golden Planes to Silver Planes. Golden Planes are actually more valuable as it was the way to transfer your Wollars from one airport to another (by farming). Silver Planes are limited only for unlocking new planes & liveries. Custom colors for liveries remain only for Golden Planes as well - i.e. can’t be achieved anyhow in the game.
Seems farming became much less reasonable from now.
Anyway, the discount allowed me to finally unlock Concorde. :sunglasses:


There are a few liveries which can only unlocked with golden planes, not silver planes. For example the A319 eagle or A380 turtle, zebra and expo.

I have also transfered all my GP to SP to unlock B777 and A346.

that is actually a bug that the devs are going to fix I believe, may be wrong

Tbh, this is a game which is developed in Prague, which is probably the reason they decided to go with CET instead of UTC…

I know that, and I’m CET too. But IF they had pushed the authenticity up another grade and used UTC it would have let me get my plane then, 20 minutes late on the deadline I had interpreted wrongly. I was just venting my disappointment, not criticising.

They are doing a nice job, ironing out kinks that bothered me from the beginning with every update, so no criticism meant with this thread.

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