SORT BY DISTANCE in connections page, CIVIL/CARGO filter in connections page

I would like to have all the airports sorted by distance in the connections page and also in the select destination pop up after handling airplanes
Instead of always scrolling to find the best airport to purchase arrivals we can easily access the next best airport arrival if its sorted by distance

Another feature which is needed is a filter CIVIL/CARGO
It will be easy to select the type of arrival/destination based on the need of the player
CIVIL/CARGO filter along side of UNLOCKED/LOCKED filter is much needed feature

This is already in the game.

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Yes it is but its always showing far end connections instead of available connections they should fix it to show the best available destinations first and help us scroll less each time

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That is quite literally in your picture…

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I need CIVIL/CARGO along side of unlocked/locked


I agree with 007Deva, a sorting option by distance would be useful.

This sorting by distance should be applied also in the airport list for our own fleet departure.



I always wonder which is better: further or shorter distances. I’ve assumed further is better for getting your planes to golden and also maybe more fuel money, but do shorter arrival locations mean seeing planes more frequently? How does that aspect of the game work?

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Short distances give more money per hour, so you aircraft will farm much more before C maintance.