Sorting your flight connections by what you already have unlocked vs what you don’t

A way you can sort your flight connections by what you already have unlocked and don’t.

For example. I wanna make sure I have enough spots for planes to land and do their thing, for (x) amount of S, M, L, or X plane connections I have. You would sort it by which city you have unlocked for connections. Instead of me scrolling continuously to see how many of x amount of locations I have unlocked with x amount of the category planes, it would sort by what’s unlocked and what not.

Of course you’ll still have your standard list for every connection, but sorting would make it a lot easier.

Another example. I want to see how many connections that I’ve unlocked have M planes, so that may I can account for how many stands it will take up. Sorting to the rescue! I could also draw out some examples if need be.

It could use the same UI as the shop/my fleet thing. Shop being All connections , and my fleet being My connections. While going to the All connections and My connections panel, you can still keep the same UI as what you already have. or take on the new UI that you have for the shop/my fleet that you added with the new update (I like it btw, good job!) :blush:

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I really hope that in the next update, there could be a way to cancel flights to save spots for other planes.

You mean like this?

Not entirely. I guess what I’m asking is like an updated UI for the connections panel, like they did with the purchased planes. So that way you can have your connections that you’ve unlocked and ALL connections. Also making it easier to see how many of a certain size plane is coming from (X)

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Oh you were replying to the other guy! My apologies

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No. I mean when the plane requests us for assigning to gate, at that time we could not allow the plane by cancelling it.

Looks like there is a filter for destinations coming with the fixes in the next update, so you can narrow down to plane type at least. Not quite what you are asking, but a step on the road to potentially get there

Yeah I just updated my game to the new one. It’s nice to be able to filter and limit which plane comes. It still would be nice to have a secondary page (like with the plane buying page, my fleet/ buy), to where I can see my destinations that I have unlocked. Either way, it’s a step in the right direction