Spanish airports for destinantions

I give some suggestions to include some Spanish airports in connection with PRG and BRI

  1. Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) Spain
  2. Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport (TFS) Spain
  3. Malaga Airport (AGP) Spain
  4. Ibiza Airport (IBZ)
  5. Sevilla Airport (SVQ)

Connections are:

  1. PRG - PMI
    Distance Milles: 920
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 799
    Flight connections: Ryanair B737 FR8300
    Smartwings B737 QS1164
  2. PRG - TFS
    Distance Milles: 2220
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 1929
    Flight connections: Smartwings B737 QS2036
  3. PRG - AGP
    Distance Milles: 1315
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 1143
    Flight connections: Ryanair B737 FR5007
    Smartwings B737 QS1152
  4. BRI - IBZ
    Distance Milles: 828
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 720
    Flight connections: Volotea B717 V73929
  5. BRI - PMI
    Distance Milles: 746
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 648
    Flight connections: Volotea A319 V73977
  6. BRI - SVQ
    Distance Milles: 1235
    Distance Nautical Milles (NM): 1073
    Flight connections: Ryanair B737 FR1651

except SVQ and IBZ all are used by Ryanair (Laudamotion) and sometimes Austrian from INN, too