Special scheme of event aircrafts

Hi, sometimes there are events with really nice looking special liveries. After the flight is ready for pushback on time there is a notification that this livery is as achievement unlocked. Did I miss understood it or is not possible to use it permanently from now, because I can not find the aircraft with this livery anymore (even I already brought the destination with the regular livery of this aircraft)?

Ils ne sont traités qu’une seule fois.

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They are event aircraft, which is only one handling and once handled, it’s gone. You just unlocked the livery for the WoApedia.


You’ve been told about this multiple times @AJHP333, please post in English as per the forum rules, or at least provide a translation below. You’ve also responded in French when you normally respond in Spanish or English? So I’m lost as to what your aim is here.


Usually the events are liveries that you can’t get contracts for, after you complete handing of a plane you haven’t handled the livery of yet, you unlock it in the Woapedia. The events only come to your airportport once, but are occasionally repeated at the same, or a different airport.

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Sometimes I forgot to activate it and with all due respect, the translator exists and works for me as well as for everyone. Thank you .

I’m fully aware that translators, such as Google Translate exist. It’s simply a rule we have on the forum that all posts are made in English, to prevent the need of translations and any confusion which may be caused by inaccurate translations, which aren’t unheard of.


Be good if this aircraft was a event aircraft G-GBNI | Airbus A321-253NX | United Kingdom - Royal Air Force (Titan Airways) | Naoto Goto | JetPhotos