Speed up button function

Hey everyone,

I remember when I was new to the game, I didn’t understand that the speed up button has a different function for when it was tapped or held down. That was a game changing discovery, which really helped me level up faster and complete more of my planes in green time / bonus time.

Did you guys know about this? I still remember when I learned about this! Why did I always tap it???

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I have used this feature since a very long time. It saves both time and money.

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Hi, im [C.B] [MG] YT, aka the one that commented on that vid on YT

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I use it for Saving Time for L/XL Airplane Fueling

Me aswell.

Yeah especially when first starting MCT, I had to use it a ton for fuel! I think when it was first released, even with a level 5 fuel service, some of the fuel times were much longer than green/bonus time.

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Now this is a big bruh moment.