Stacking Gates

I have an idea that is used in the real world. Stacking Gates;

You would have one aircraft at a certain gate but when an aircraft appears on your radar, you can select the same gate so it would be in a order system. It’s for some of us who do realistic terminals like IAD(When you have only Uniteds at a certain place)


Nice idea, I do the realistic terminals but i’ve never thought of that

Arrival system allows landing only on free gate so stacking will not be possible.

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Just a thought for the future. Limiting the number of gates and allowing stacking would make it a much more interesting game. Players will have to strategize and plan and it will build pressure.

Currently, once you buy enough gates, you really don’t have to worry at all about allocation. Its just click and done.

Just an idea. Cheers.

I see black hole here - if people will stack airplanes (generic ones) - and then their plane will arrive it may be no. 110 in queue.

Not good idea in respect of above comment as they will have to handle their plane after handling other planes stacked for 2-3-4-5 hours… they already complain with current sysstem sometimes they have 30 planes ahead of player plane.

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I’m having a fleet of 160+ aircraft and I have to strategize a lot. All the L-&XL-gates are pretty much in use and new aircraft can’t arrive because of all 4 landingslots are blocked by my own aircraft. There’s a lot of calculation on returning times needed for using those gates best possible.


Wow. An average player would not have that kind of extreme load. I haven’t even reached close to that load limit. Kudos.

But you illustrate my point precisely. Instead of just blindly allowing ramping up quantity of aircraft, players should be able to rationalize fleet size to number of landing slots and stacking options.

My biggest issue with the game so far (although its quite brilliant in many aspects) is that it rewards quantity over quality of play. I’m sure you must be furiously banging away servicing and allocating planes to slots without a breather. After a while that’s just too repetitive.

People then suggest auto-servicing and other ideas that cede control to the AI. Instead you can put limits on the game to allow people to play tactically and strategically as well.

The devs are also planning to add special events (as per shills last update) and that will be a disaster for someone of your fleet size. Imagine handling 50 planes with a tyre burst in the middle with the current system.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. Cheers.

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I also see the black hole. I was just an idea for some people if they wanted to recreate the real airport. Having a certain airline just like the real life version in game was my idea. So B10 could be personnel airlines.

Meant by stacking on existing gates. Like next in line for the gate.

With current game mechanics you can not assign another airplane to gate that is already occupied = stacking is not possible.

Theoreticaly - someone will stack his gates with 250 planes on monday then his plane will arrive monday evening - it will be handled around wednesday next week with playing 24/7

I honestly do not see much of realism here.

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You don’t have stacking on real airports, do you? They assign the free gates to incoming aircraft and don’t let them wait until the assigned gate is ready.

Those special events will make the game more fun and I’m also looking for more destinations to keep my fleet growing.

I mean, like you know how when in real life how your flight arrivals very early and your assigned a certain arrival airport gate and the flight before you is still at the gate. I meant by that.

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If a stacking limit of 1 was introduced (arrays start at 0 right?) if would ALLOW a smoother game play and ease some of the traffic problems some players are having.

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We have number of complains from players they stack gates (arrivals) without extra limit and game is terrible, they will unistall and throw a phone to the sea. :stuck_out_tongue: