Stands are displayed as occupied which is mistaken

My stands (slots) are displayed as occupied. so arriving planes are not able to land. I have plenty of stands that are empty.

Screenshot? Also, are you sure the plane you assigned to the stand hasn’t landed yet?

the planes didn´t land yet, and I can´t assign any stand, although they are all free

Sounds like you have assigned them, but haven’t clicked the “cleared to land” button when the runway is available

But definitely need screenshots and if it is a bug you will need to follow the process in the pinned post to report it

As displayed here I.e. „Stand 1A Besetzt“ (occupied) .

Landing not possible, although plenty of stands are available
No idea what’s wrong

There may be a chance that you’ve already assigned planes to the stands already. You can’t assign two planes to a stand, hence why it says it is occupied.


Probably you have assigned another plane to those stands, therefore that plane cannot land. You would have to find the plane that has already been assigned to that stand and clear them to land, as they have a stand. It is probably near the top of the list

Looking at the number of planes in the arrival queue, I am not surprised that there are assigned stands not filled. You almost need an accounting program to keep track of it :wink:.

Thank you for your comments and support

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