Stands L/X

Hello Players,

I have question about stands. I have two X stands and two L stands (Prague airport). As you can see on the picture below, I can buy next X stands, but on the same place I have already L stands.

I don`t get it. What is going to happen when I buy a new stand X over the current L stand? Or is it only a bug in the game?

Thank you very much for your help.


It’s the same with the X stands, where the game offers me to buy L stands over them. Can I switch these two types of stands?


You can build L on top of current XL (kind of downgrade) or upgrade L to XL - It is not a bug but yes maybe not very clear.

Just remember XL stands can accept only XL planes (same for L’s).

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as I buy more and more X and L planes, I need more X/L stands, will it be possible in the future? four of them together is not sufficient, really :frowning:

every day I have to imagine how my planes are crushing down because of waiting for landing and loosing fuel :upside_down_face::cold_face::sunglasses: