Start your aircraft Update is out… (at least for IOS)

Go go go…

Just a tip


I’m here with my wife and 2 dogs. My family is 3,000 miles away. But it’s a point very well made :slight_smile:


Regardless of what family your with, I’m with grandparents and friends from California so technically I’m not with my full family either


Yes, my family is gathered…

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Are they interested, cause if the family is interested then that’s a way to be with them?

Oh yeah. They already botched up the gates. The dog keeps barking. Good thing I can broadcast from the iPad to the 72" TV.

(Which, BTW, really isn’t a “TV” any more, more like LED or OLED).
(… But that doesn’t matter either).

It is updated now for Android

Any suggestions on starting up LEJ? Anything you want to post (Which planes? Mileage? Passenger vs. Cargo? Which gates?) I remember you did a great job on MCT.


And not sure if you have Christmas… but hope your holidays with your wife and dogs goes awesome!

I’ve found a bug already at MCT at least. I can’t deactivate the arrivals from LEJ, as they are always active. Breaks what I’m doing to get passengers and planes down and out asap with flydubai’s 737 Max 8

If you do connections from other airports, don’t send a ton of X and L pax aircraft There are only 3 spots and the taxi times are long.

I focused on getting some pax stuff going first. But as soon as you can switch to cargo the better. So many more options. But it’s expensive.

There is decent money to be made with the cargo for sure. I spent some GP and went for West Cargo first. Plenty of M options for those areas.

The cool thing is, if you build south/west cargo and pax terminal. You can get simultaneous landings and sometimes departures which helps the throughput

This has been reported here and to the devs. I am sure they will fix it with a hot fix.

Also, if you open North Cargo, fast taxi time, but gets mixed in with pax

Definitely have Christmas and happy Christmas/ Holidays to you and yours

There are camera views on aircrafts?!

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Thank you, Andy. Back to you!

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Also for super cheap, 102, 106,111 can open stands without terminals. Saves a bit of initial cash

This is great, thank you!

LEJ seems to be built for the cargo side of WoA.

  1. Do you find that cargo can be profitable?
  2. Which planes to start with? S? M? L? X?
  3. Which routes would you suggest?
  4. Which cargo gates?

I feel like a reporter, but your insights will help us build better.

Well I have to say that LEJ is not an easy one. And so far lack of chance of PRG-LEJ L and X pathlink making money gain even difficult.Since both LEJ and PRG has X gate, I wish I can do PRG-LEJ with L and X so that making player connection even easier. As well as being making money quicker.

I can only play the game from next year

I am on Android and when l opened the game it was already reset and updated. Is there anything specific we need to do?