Starting Over

Can anyone explain whether there is any DISADVANTAGE to starting over completely. I know that you lose your money and airport improvements, but to my understanding you retain your aircraft and destinations. I guess my real question is that I would love to start over from scratch, but with all of the things you still retain even after resetting, is there any real point to it? It seems like you’re just giving your money away and nothing else.

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  1. You lose the income of planes.
  2. All the things you have spent on it is gone.
  3. Fleet goes away?
    I know this much only.

Not unless you buy some aircrafts with it first :wink:

If you start over its from zero but you dont get deal of starrting like money or golden plaine this remaim the same when you restart
And about the plaine if you dident sell them they all return to the airport if you have parking for there siza
S M L X thets what happen

It used to be easier to start over because you could swap your cash for GP’s by selling planes, but that’s not an option anymore.
So starting over apart from having your own fleet is 10,000 plus any gp’s you may have collected and want to use