Status of Russian airlines

I keep seeing stuff across here and the discord about “bringing back Russian airlines” and I cannot count how many times @carlsberg72 and others (including myself) have had to tell people but

Russian airlines and aircraft will not be added for the time being, once the war in Ukraine is over, sure maybe, but right now due to Russia’s aggression towards the world and Ukraine specifically, they have been removed from the game to avoid politics

You’re going to have to deal with it people, either we wait for Russia to leave Ukraine, or we don’t ge them within the games lifetime (which I don’t see this war out living woa)

Mods you can smite this post if you want but I feel it needed to be said


I can tell when politics get involved in gaming things can be pretty heartbreaking.

I am also a player of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and guess what, the Russia map DLC, Heart of Russia was supposed to be available in Mar/2022 as far as I know, and the introduction was indefinitely delayed due to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Then we waited until last year to have the West Balkan DLC, which is a wait for more than 2 years since the introduction of Iberia DLC!

The company behind the game, SCS also had a terrible moment due to they can’t make their hard work from the previous year to real stuff. So both players and devs are victims for sure.

What I would also like to point out is that, for WoA players, we are somewhat lucky compared to “Truck Drivers” (unfortunately I am also a member of them). We still have Russian destinations available (only without Russian airlines) and why some of us complain so much?

I understand many people believe that this is just a game, while devs have to think about risks seriously. I am also disappointed in their decisions on DEL but I definitely understand the risks behind this project.

In a word, I feel the devs decision is responsible as they have taken all concerns into account.

Rather than talking about the situation… Let’s just wait and see if the landscape can change in Ukraine quickly…


Me and my father play that game and we feel ya there, still a little sad that’s probably not gonna be seen for a while
But, war is war. We can’t do anything about it

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Well it’s is sad that Russia is going down that road of invading countries. I also feel bad for Moldova and Georgia as they might be invaded next (especially Moldova) and I also feel bad for game developers to remove or not to make Russia airlines and aircraft at all like UATC, RFS , Infinite flight and also some PC games like FSX 2020, Airport CEO and others.


Addressing some claims of favoritism on the discord

We all know that if they didn’t have the Ukraine livery someone would have an issue making it worse and it’s a double edged sword, either they keep everything, or pick a side, and both sides have backlash


what about el al

Well that’s a different story. Most people who play the game are in a country that supports Israel however some countries like Ireland and Spain supports Palestine. While Russia airlines is banned from operating in almost all countries and if they do land and aircraft in a country that banned Russia it can obviously be seized by the country authority as these aircraft are Stolen and illegally re-registered to Russia. El Al is not banned from most countries apart from Turkey and a few others but even then El Al still fly’s to countries that are Pro Palestine mainly because they don’t enforce Punishments on Israel.

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spain supports israel, im from spain

I wish but they do support Palestine.
Watch this video

That’s probably from a population perspective, as there is quite a bit of Muslim population in Spain. Politically, as any other EU country, they support Israel.

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what? spain supports israel, even our president calls hamas terrorist

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