Strategy for scaling up own fleet at IAD


Can anyone suggest an ideal strategy to scale up own fleet in IAD. Should we first go for S & M planes before trying the L & XL. What mix works best for a quick scale up?

I play for a couple of hours everyday, more or less.

I would go for a decent mix of M, L & XL aircraft with a focus on L & XL because those create big margins. S create just small margins and with the limited amount of destinations you can’t generate that much money in a short period

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My IAD is:
4 S
4 M
2 L
20 XL

If you buy more S and M stands your XL stands will be empty because the rotation of S and M is faster than XL. So the mostly new arrives will be S and M.
I don’t know other players but I don’t like my XL stands empty because, even S and M rotation faster than XL, XL is more profitient.