Struggling to get gold planes to move on

To move on to new airports that are actually cool you need gold coins. THERE IS ALMOST NO WAY TO GET GOLD COINS!!! YOU NEED TO GRIND 2 YEARS FOR NEXT AIRPORT!!! FIX THIS PLEASE!!!

You can move up the airports by levelling up, which you need to get XP for, which is done by handling planes and completing contract sections.

Handle planes, get silver planes and convert them into gold planes, it’s in the store section. You can also get them by levelling up.

There is a way on conveying your opinion on matters, making a thread calling the game trash and typing the majority of your message in caps is not the way about it…

There is no way to do it without grinding for a long period of time. The basic airport doesn’t make the fun.

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If you level up you can’t get new airports

If you are referring to INN, it’s designed to get you started. Nothing too complex, a gentle break in. It doesn’t take that long to level up there if you get plenty of M contracts

Yes, you can. It’s towards the back end of the levels where there is a control tower with an airport code. Once you’ve completed that level you can claim your new airport, and the cycle repeats

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If you work with enough contracts with other players, you can level up pretty fast and gain the silver planes needed to buy a new airport with converted gold planes.

You really need 16 GP’s to open almost any airport. Without paying and working hard enough once you get 10,000 SP (easier than it sounds) gets you 10 GP, and then 1 GP a day for 1,500.
Once if you focus hard enough probably takes you 3 weeks. That’s not bad in a game of this type.
Oh did we say no forced ads either. Instant gratification is all well and good, but it’s not going to get you very far at the bigger airports.

And I’ve been playing this a long time…

Good luck on your adventure, it will happen faster than you think if you work with the system and other people rather than complaining about it.


Not true, I have only been playing for 8/9 months and I already have unlocked every airport while making 1 single in app purchase for go to buy premium pass at lhr. I only play once every three days too.

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I used to agree, but with loads of player contracts (for me I have maybe 600, probably a bit excessive) I can get loads of GP

How long do you play in a day? And how much time did it take for you to go from INN to BRI?

INN to bri only took me 6 days. It was summer so at the time I was playing 3 hours a day. Now on the days I play, I would play 30 minutes to 1 hour a day

Max level L contract gives you 1000 sliver eagles every 10 flight. I remember we can get 10 Golden for 10000 sliver per week + 1 golden eagle for 1500 silver eagle per day.

Plus unlock new airport can be achieved by leveling up.

But that’s a bit unfair cause not everyone feels like using player contracts or have anyone to play with so you’re restricting the way to gain GP’s

And I do think the DEVs need to reconsider this

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Just a heads up: I made a new account a few months ago, as a challenge. The rules were that I could ONLY use my own planes. No ai contracts, no other players could send me contracts, etc. I played 30 minutes a day and bought IAD after 2 and a bit weeks in Innsbruck. It is not as bad as you say.

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And that is where things go wrong. In my opinion, player contracts are the basis for gaining Wollars, SP’s and GP’s. My previous airports IAD, MCT and current LEJ (until some weeks ago) were player-planes only.

That surprises me. There are a lot of offers or requests for connections here in the forum and/or on Discord.

I am part of the All World Alliance with 17 other players and we exchange hundreds of planes every day. When 2.0 came about I had 50.000 SP’s. Now with my Alliance connections I have 400.000 and buying GP’s and contracts at every oppertunity.

Financed by my Alliance friends. (Thank you guys and gal for flying with Orange Air :+1:)

Just my thoughts.

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I do understand your point but not all of us have time or even feel like getting discord. And maybe some people just wanna play this game just using contracts/simulate real world
But it is what it is I guess

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If you want to have silver planes and gold planes quicker than you may have to get a few partners for silver aircraft, like @OrangeAir said before, he is part of the All world alliance which has 17 partners now let’s say one player plays WOA Monday to Friday and makes about 5000 silver aircraft a day, if you do the maths 5000 multiply by 5 the player is making 25,000 a week now let’s say he exchange the sliver planes to Gold planes every second week, 25,000 multiply by 2 than -10,000 than you have 40,000 sliver planes to spare on outer stuff, my best advice for you is that if you want to sliver planes along with aircraft you can 1. Join an alliance or 2. Get some partners and use some regular airlines for scenery, it’s not fast but it should make some sliver aircraft as well.

I have you have gotten some advice from @Ecoaviation and @OrangeAir about it and I hope it will give you an advantage of the experience and fun of your gameplay

5k sp per day is wildly unrealistic for 99% of players

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Well than how much SP do players usually make?

Yes that is already understood
But that’s not the point I’m trying to make but like I said it is what it is
Those of us who don’t feel like doing this would just have to make the best of what we have

I make about 1-2k per day and I only have like 10 player contracts across all my airports(5 in san, 4 in iad, 1 in lhr)