Sudden closure of game

Hi everybody,

I would like to report a bug, where game will close suddenly (like battery will die on your device).
You would not be able to open the game again. It will stuck on main screen with game logo. Every time.
So far it’s for non-registered players (who did not created an account).

What I did so far:

  1. Close the app and reopen it - the same effect,
  2. Close the phone and restart - the same effect,
  3. Turn off and turn on internet on the phone - the same effect,
  4. Clear cache of the game - the same,
  5. Clear cache of whole device - the same.

Steps to re-production:

  1. Send the airplane to your connected friend. Like from PRG/BRI to INN.
  2. Go to INN airport, let airplane drive to gateway and begin operate the plane (gas/passengers etc.).
  3. Now, close game immidiately (like battery run out). Not by entering to main menu or phone menu).
  4. Try again to open the game. You’re going to see logo WoA loading and that’s it. It will be like this all the time. Even if you will wait 30 minutes or one day.

As a result, players who didn’t created account have the only option by uninstalling and installing again the game, which mean loosing of progress.

So far I have observed it on two android devices with 7.0 and 10 versions.


PS. And btw, the whole game is very, very good stuff.

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Not creating account is bad strategy (then game progress is not stored and in phone is lost/destroyed its gone).

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