The new Dash planes are wicked!!
The Current ground have 8 minutes before take off time. Every time a dash plane enters the gate, 4 minutes have been used up and not enough time to complete the task. Mine always in the negative loss!

I don’t know if everyone has experience this but if I am missing something, please let me know.

I cool feature to have is a passenger window view for landing and taking off!!:+1:


Hi sladebuck, I have read that you have to be really on the ball with the dash even hiting the services immediately on leaves a few seconds of bonus time remaining, easier at INN almost impossible at IAD! I find I use the boost function helps. On computer a/c the timer starts at the gate so do you mean player connections are 4 minutes in? You could try putting them at the gate closest to the taxi way. Good luck.

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Yes, Dash 400 require close attention even with maxed out trucks. I always end up rushing the passengers off the planet just in case I don’t catch everything later.

I haven’t done the math on S planes, but you can fully Rush an A350 and still turn a profit.

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