Swiss A330-300 spotted on the facebook/insta account?

Hi, the Hilevel pic and the answer that they posted just a few moments ago looked like a A330-300 (singel engine showed) from Swiss. Or is the angel meant to fool us? :joy:

Would not be Surprised to see Swiss, A330 besides their A340. What du you think?

Angle was fooling and the hilevel pic was definitely a 340 not a 330

Registration was either HB-JMB or HB-JMO (pic was a little blurry on close up) both of which were A340’s as I did some digging on it.

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I am not that good at spotting the details. But I can´t see if its a A340 or a A330 lol :joy: :man_shrugging:

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That’s a a340, ypu can tell by the middle main landing gear.

Wow, you are an expert.

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Thanks! But thays how you tell a a340bfeom a a330 from that angle. Also, where the engine connected to the wing it looked ood. Almost like there was 2 engines.

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Also, on the shadow I saw 2 engines.

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