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This time I would like to propose an additional function at our airports.

As everyone knows, each time during the expansion of the airport we buy a “ready module”. It costs a certain amount of money and offers us additional parking spaces for specific aircraft.

I propose to introduce an option that would allow clicking on such a module and turning it off.

What would this be for? There may come a moment in the game (it happened to me) that we no longer need the service of the smallest aircraft. Small aircraft require the most attention and bring low profits. If you do not serve them quickly enough (which happens commonly when you have 30+ planes to manage at the same time), it usually ends with the plane departing alone (zero income) or delayed (even less money for us). In addition, small planes at large airports are taking resources. I am talking about equipment needed to operate machines and runways, both for landing and takeoff (which is a big problem in the current version of the game). It can be said that they also waste space when generating new aircraft that want to fly to our airport (radar). In addition, they create traffic jams like any other aircraft.

In one word. I would be grateful if you could turn off the places where the smallest planes land, thereby gaining faster arrivals and departures. Decreased demand for aircraft handling equipment. Smaller traffic jams before the runway and relatively better earnings, because we will not lose money on delayed flights and focus on more profitable planes (M, L, X), which are easier to handle with many.

Regards! :slight_smile:

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Just land S-planes handle them all the way and never send them for departure.

To be honest there is 400 items with status “need” that something “nice to have” is not what could be in focus anytime soon.

If I do not send them to leave, then the game will send them themselves to leave, and I will not get any money for it.

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I’m sorry that I came up with the idea :slight_smile:

No reason to be sorry i guess.

Instead of building big module to disable something that additionaly have influence on arrival mechanism and potentialy will have many implications/bugs we have on the list feature to allow sell stands/equipment back with slight value loose.

Less is more quite often.

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I am having empty X stands while only S planes keep popping on the radar. Runway is too busy with M/L/X to keep those S planes landing…

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I have hardly 5 or 6 S-stands in use the rest is other aircraft. Those little birds are fast in and fast out.

Nice to know, but we dont know that things so I came here with “easy” (in my opinion) thing that should help a little bit.

Prague does become annoying after awhile, I get a lot of ATRs and BAe so I definitely agree with the switchOff mode
(Playing on 50% resolution so my phone won’t die)

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