SXM-IAD Connection requests


Use this thread to create connections with players going from your SXM to their IAD airports

Please read the connection guidelines posts before requesting here…

Looking for someone to take my E190 from my SXM to their IAD.

T4FTY iXi daily player

I can do that if you send me a request. Do you want anything in return?

Happy to, got space left!

Will send it once it’s back, I sent it on a general flight because it was blocking a stand so as soon as it’s back I’ll send you the request

Ok no probs.


I am at IAD, I can handle S, M, L, X, CL (CL=Cargo Large) But I can only send one plane I think, A319

I’m looking to receive X pax planes to my SXM. I’d like to get two or three going if possible.

Username: CJRVWilliams420
Daily Player
(Also in the discord and can chat there!)

I don’t think you can get an Xs but I’ve sent you a request with an A330.

Helloooo, I so love SXM and just got started with the M planes, L is on the way!

Anybody from IAD is welcome :vulcan_salute:t3:


I got an E190 needing connection, shoot me a message if you wish for it to go to you

Hey, yeah you can send it over :slight_smile:

Oh forgot to delete it here, I found someone a while ago through discord, sorry

No problem :slight_smile:

Hello, I am at SXM. I have plenty of M and S planes at the moment. I can reach IAD.

I am looking forward to connections from IAD who I can connect. I play daily. As my level rises, I will have L planes, too.

You can send me planes from everywhere though, space in SXM is limited, but I’ll do my best to accommodate you daily.

You can reply here, so I’ll send my planes right away. 6 of them are waiting on the ground.

Username: Bilgituna2017

Many thanks

I can take some if you still have them. I have 8 slots left at the moment. I play daily UTC +0
Username Neon_Engineer

I will use one of your slots for the A300-600 from SXM.
I only do Charters on the weekend
Timezone: BST
Username: Plasticmonkey4712

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Ok, send me a request whenever

Most likely on Friday afternoon

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Thanks for you reply. I have a connection now who I send all my planes. But he sends me only one. So I have space, please feel free to send me your planes. I will accept every request.

Waiting for you all. :slight_smile: