SXM Pre Release discussion

I wonder if there a new video screen for inside the airport as well as outside the airport?
This screen shot of new figures came with a surprise!!
Great job team!!:pray:

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Yes. Its planned for incoming update.

Say Hello for new, remodeled passengers :slight_smile:


I see twins!

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Do you know if the remodelled passengers are only going to be in Saint Martin Airport or are the passengers in all airports?

I think that at all airports.

I’m sure I will miss the old ones with their wobbling heads :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some new liveries for 777


Finally, a BA 777! Looking good :+1:


One more :slight_smile:

I can see more and more liveries which used to flew to Kai Tak :slight_smile:

Wow, it’s very beutifull

Well, with remod pax it’s one step closer towards the pretty realistic levels of UATC. Not that I am NOT going to miss the Wobblies - they made the grind tolerable in their own right. What the Devs, however, must really take out time for & attend to asap is actually something very basic - the outline of planes & engines when viewed from some distance, or even from close up, as when viewing from inside the plane or from the tail-mounted cam. Both the plane & engine outlines clearly appear angular (the latter often hexagonal), as if cardboard cutouts are in motion. Can be pretty distressing when one is momentarily fully immersed in the game & has forgotten that it’s not the real thing.

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Which is why they are making advanced models. (Well, making them as round as possible as well as improvements for the aircraft appearance.)


Plase take a look at 3rd generation models - 744 and 777.
Each model in game will be refurbished to this standard.

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