SXM Wiki (proposal)

I don’t know if the mods will like it and move it to the wiki section but who knows

Welcome to St. Maarten

Come with us to explore this famous airport known for it’s low approach over the most dangerous beach which is just Infront on the runway.

There are 8 camera angles

Inside the tower:

2d Radar:

Main operators at the airport: Winair

IATA code: SXM

There are 22 total gates. Let’s brake them down

S. M L X
22 9 5 1

Total passenger stands: 20
Total cargo stands: 2

How to unlock SXM?
SXM can be unlocked for Free by eather playing 2.0 from the beginning or by unlocking it through LEJ.

SXM is a good airport for Holiday airlines like TUI, Thomas Cook, Condor an others. It is also a good airport to unlock lots of small aircraft liverys to WOApedia.

Secrets: there is only 1 secret in the game and that if you into Plane spotting camera while a large aircraft (A330, 747 and others) the people at the beach are blown away.

Thanks for reading.

Made, researched and written by @Ecoaviation


It could be considered, but check out INN and BRI, need a bunch more information, but this is an excellent start for SXM

Humm? Alright… May take some time to do it especially since I am not always available. Should I get some volunteers to help with this project and at the end I’ll put it all into a PowerPoint?

This would be a great idea if the devs ever decided to revive the website. Whenever you click on an icon for each airport I would take you to the wiki

Oops typo I instead of it. And if you got an idea post it to the suggestions tab

i can help if you want, but im not very active

Maybe but I might have to think