What would be the airlines that there would be in SXM airport and what planes would be in that airport

I think about Delta 737, 757 or a320 , Air France A330, United a320 or 757, American 757,

What do you think about airlines in SXM?

In real life there are ~30 airlines that fly there, many already in the game: Air Canada, Air France, American, Condor, Frontier, JetBlue, KLM, Silver, Spirit, United, WestJet.

You can see the new liveries that have been slated for release and figure out which ones will serve SXM: Air Caraïbes, Air Century, Air Transat, AraJet, Caribbean, InterCaribbean, Sky High, Sunwing, and of course WinAir. And a few that will probably be included through artistic license: Air Antilles, LIAT, Thomas Cook, Air Jamaica, Cayman, Swoop, Seaborne, EZAir.

Expect a lot of turboprops! This airport will showcase the new DHC-6 and also make much use of the Saab 340.

I am not really sure about how the new contract system works… But if my understanding on it was correct, you can provide financial incentives for airlines that don’t fly to this airport in real life (and many airports irl do this for more flights!)

So you may expect some airlines unexpected but I don’t know the list.

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I am tired of seeing Deltas United American and Southwest after completing SAN and IAD both. Something different please!!!

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Well, considering those are the 4 biggest airlines in the US, it shouldnt be surprising how many there are.

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IAD is a hub for United and SAN is a hub for southwest. So… realistically they are going to be quite frequent there…